NZ Area School Ki o Rahi 2019

Boboys (Top Right)

Boboys (Top Right)

We were fortunate to catch up with Ruihi Chase more affectionately known as Boboys about the NZ Area Schools Tournament which was held in Rotorua from July 8th - 11th 2019.

Boboys coached the Central North Island team alongside Roera Hartley, both young men are from Turangi and are really passionate about the taonga that is Ki o Rahi.

Thanks Boboys for giving us this insight into the NZ Area Schools Ki o Rahi competition which was part of the larger NZ Area Schools Tournament!


“Four teams competed in the competition, with ourselves Central North Island being joined by North Island, Top of the South Island, South of the South Island. The day was run of over 4 days so we basically had a game a day. Most area’s would of had their own competitions prior to this tournament and chose their teams based on that competition.”


“We the Central team, had trials for 25 - 30 players at our Central North Island Coaching Clinic where we ran them through skills, drills, games. We were really happy with our team.”

“Our games against both of the South teams were good, our players got into a rhythm together and we were flowing through both games. Our main aim was trying to find good combos with one another and all went mean.”


“Our hardest would have been the North Island. These have always been the hardest challenge and this is the game where the students want to perform your best to get yourself another step closer to the NZ Areas School team. Our team had a plan from the start and that was to stop every chance of them to get the ball. We managed to come away with comfortable wins for all games at this tournament.”


Central Results from the tournament:

Central 59 - 12 South of the South
Central 40 - 15 Top of the South
Central 39 - 16 North Island


“The last day of the tournament was when all North teams face off against the South teams in all sports that are played, from these NZ teams are selected.”


”I had 9 out of 11 of my players from my Central team selected in the North Island Rep team which 14 players were named for, the other players that got selected were from the North Island team and they had 5 players selected. I was also given the coaching spot for that North Island team too.”


The game went more smoothly than I thought, the South players had heaps of talent but the knowledge that our players had they just couldn't beat. We won, North 43 - 15 South”


”At the end of the day a NZ team got selected and 7 of my players from Central made the team out of 14 players. To get most of my players in the NZ team was a different feeling to experience. I'm usually a player but to be Coach was mean”

“It was also lucky enough to be selected to be the coach of that NZ team, this was awesome because when I was a student I was lucky enough to get selected to play in the NZ team and now having come around to coach it was a real cool experience.”

“The next Nationals is in July next year in Dunedin and I’ll definitely put my hand up to coach Central again”


Congratulations Boboys for being selected to coach Central, North Island and the NZ Area Schools team, all great achievements on top of going unbeaten in all your games. You are a young man passionate about Ki o Rahi and it would not be as enjoyable without people like you giving to the game and to our younger generations. Ngaa mihi e hoa”

Congratulations to you Boboys for the work you did with your teams and for getting selected to coach the Central, North and NZ Area Schools teams - you are a young man with a passion and drive for Ki o Rahi and without people like you the game would not be as enjoyable as it is.

Danny Maera