2018 NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals - Teams to watch out for Part 1

In the lead up to the 2018 NZ Secondary School Ki o Rahi Nationals we will focus in on the teams that you will need to prepare for, these teams include current and past champions as well as teams on the up. 

Every week we will feature two schools from around the country, this week we start with the top 2 teams from 2017 Ki o Rahi Nationals – Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae and Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga. 

Students from Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae, 2017 Ki o Rahi Nationals

Students from Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae, 2017 Ki o Rahi Nationals

Te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae

The 2017 Champions - last year was the first year Nga Tapuwae made the grand final and the first time they won it, they did so in front of their home crowd in Auckland.  They wont have the same amount of support in Gisborne so it will be tougher for them to reach the heights of 2017.  

This Kura have been a regular feature at Ki o Rahi Nationals for the past 5 years, placing in the top 8 every year since their inception.  They have improved steadily every year having made the semi’s for the first time at Tokoroa in 2016, they took it one step further in 2017 so will be looking for at least a top 4 spot this time around.

Nga Tapuwae have a flowing style of ki oma with lots of cutting that gets them lots of points, they also have a different styles of taniwha defence that can be hard to figure out, this helps them to limit points scored against them.

Their strongest asset in 2017 though may have been their kaitiaki.  They had very resilient girls who worked really hard for their team. A small school so if they haven’t lost many of the senior students then Nga Tapuwae will be tough again.           

Students from Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga, 2017 Ki o Rahi Nationals

Students from Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga, 2017 Ki o Rahi Nationals

Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga

One of the pinnacles of Ki o Rahi at Secondary School Level in New Zealand, no better make that the world.   

In the last 5 years they’ve been crowned champions at Ki o Rahi Nationals twice, going back to back in 2013 and 2014.  They finished 4th in 2015, 3rd in 2016 and 2nd in 2017.  That means they've finished in the top 4 for at least the last 5 years, that's amazing - they're like the Melbourne Storm of Ki o Rahi.

In our opinion Rakaumanga have probably the best taniwha shooters in the game, their shooters are fierce young men who make jumping into the air look easy, this is beautiful to watch and it must be intimidating for the kaitiaki who have to go up against them.  These shooters have a few tricks to help them get hits on the tupu and because their shots have power behind them the tupu can really be rocked. .  

They're another team with a ki oma that likes to move about and this can really help them in racking up their points.  Over the years they’ve adjusted their defence to suit the players they have and again they don't allow you to score that many points against them.  Always a threat, Rakaumanga will be looking to go one better in 2018.

Next week:

We look at semi-finalists from 2017, 3rd placed Turanga Wahine Turanga Tane as well as 4th placed Hamilton Boys and Girls. 

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2018 NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals

Ki o Rahi Nationals 2017 courtesy

Ki o Rahi Nationals 2017 courtesy

Happy New Year from KIORAHI.COM!

Everyone should be enjoying a good summer, soon we start to head back to school and work and our focus shifts to what's coming up for the year. 

For some of us hearty Ki o Rahi supporters we will be interested in seeing who steps their game up for the 2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Ki o Rahi Nationals.

The NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals is the current pinnacle for Ki o Rahi in Aotearoa, it's going to be interesting to see who will be crowned 2018 champion, we've identified a whole heap of teams who will be challenging for that title and over the upcoming weeks we'd like to share these thoughts with you.

The dates for Ki o Rahi Nationals 2018 have been set for Monday 16th April & Tuesday 17th April 2018.  We return to the venue of Ki o Rahi Nationals 2015 - The Rectory Fields on the Corner of Gladstone and Stanley Street in Gisborne. 

KIORAHI.COM want to step up their coverage of Ki o Rahi in 2018 so keep checking back for different stories in the lead up to the NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals 2018. 

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2017 Auckland Ki o Rahi Secondary School Regionals

2016 Auckland Ki o Rahi Regionals - Tatu

2016 Auckland Ki o Rahi Regionals - Tatu

Talk to your sports co-ordinator about entering a team into this years Auckland Ki o Rahi regionals.  There's no better way to learn to play the game of Ki o Rahi than just giving it a go.

Come along and see it played at a high level - Thursday 21st September 2017 at Sir Barry Curtis Park, Botany.

Year 9 & 10 grade as well as a Senior Grade - top 4 schools qualify for 2018 Nationals held in Te Tairawhiti.

For more info check out CollegeSport

Iwi of Origin - Sunday 15th October 2017

Enter a team into Ki o rahi at Iwi of Origin 2017.

Held in Auckland, this tournament is like a giant Pa Wars as it is run alongside sports such as Tag, Touch, Netball, League and Basketball.  There are also activities such as the Ancestral Games, Amazing Race and a cook off.

This is held at Bruce Pulman Park in Papakura/Takanini.  

For more information contact the people at He Oranga Poutama:

Last years champions for Ki o Rahi came up from Tokoroa.  There was an awesome atmosphere with music playing throughout the day, kai stalls and a prize giving where the winning team took home a medal each.

South Auckland Ki o Rahi Indoor Module

Ki o Rahi Auckland Allen Brewster

He Oranga Poutama in conjunction with the Auckland City Council are running an Indoor Ki o Rahi Module. 

The module is open to anyone who is keen to learn and/or advance their skills in the game, it will be run at the Allen Brewster Recreation Centre in Papatoetoe, South Auckland. 

No prior knowledge is needed as the first week will be an introduction to the history, rules and zones of the game.

The module will be run on Friday nights beginning August 4th.  Games will be between 6pm and 9pm. 

The cost to register is $50 per team - and then $40 per week over 8 weeks.  That means with a minimum of 8 players needed the most it will cost an individual is $5.  If you have a team of 16 then the cost is $2.50 a week.  Cheap as.

For more information contact Tito -