2018 NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals

Ki o Rahi Nationals 2017 courtesy flava.co.nz

Ki o Rahi Nationals 2017 courtesy flava.co.nz

Happy New Year from KIORAHI.COM!

Everyone should be enjoying a good summer, soon we start to head back to school and work and our focus shifts to what's coming up for the year. 

For some of us hearty Ki o Rahi supporters we will be interested in seeing who steps their game up for the 2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Ki o Rahi Nationals.

The NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals is the current pinnacle for Ki o Rahi in Aotearoa, it's going to be interesting to see who will be crowned 2018 champion, we've identified a whole heap of teams who will be challenging for that title and over the upcoming weeks we'd like to share these thoughts with you.

The dates for Ki o Rahi Nationals 2018 have been set for Monday 16th April & Tuesday 17th April 2018.  We return to the venue of Ki o Rahi Nationals 2015 - The Rectory Fields on the Corner of Gladstone and Stanley Street in Gisborne. 

KIORAHI.COM want to step up their coverage of Ki o Rahi in 2018 so keep checking back for different stories in the lead up to the NZSS Ki o Rahi Nationals 2018. 

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Danny Maera