The aim of this website is to connect more people to the game of Ki o Rahi, and to help grow and strengthen the game until it is a regular part of our lifestyle here in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Currently the game is strong in some areas around Aotearoa, with many secondary schools, intermediates and primary schools playing the tag version of the game.  

There are also a few Iwi (Tribes) playing Nonoke, the tackle version of Ki o Rahi.


People around the world in countries such as France, Italy and the USA are playing Ki o Rahi.

However, many adults in NZ have never seen or played the game before.  We aim to change this.

If you enjoy sports like rugby, league, tag, touch, netball, basketball or even dodgeball then you will love Ki o Rahi.

Please explore the website and if you require more information on anything or feel we have missed something important then please get in touch with us.